Your structural steel fabrication and welding experts.

With the latest in processing equipment and decades of structural steel expertise, our advanced structural steel fabrication and welding has consistently performed to the highest standard.

Our reputation and proven ability to deliver quality structural steel have made us a leading supplier to the construction, oil and gas, mining, pulp & paper and other industries.

Northern Steel Ltd. was established in 1977 as a small steel manufacturing and repair business. Since then, we have experienced significant growth and accumulated extensive expertise in fabricating, welding, machining, and structural steel assembly for industrial buildings, bridges, modules, miscellaneous metals, and various other structures. We have the unique ability to fabricate structural steel, platework, pressure piping and pressure vessels in different material grades, to provide the services of a one-stop-shop, with decades of expertise to back up each of these disciplines.

With our ability to handle all stock structural material lengths for processing and finished component lengths of over 100ft, our experienced shop team manufactures premium structures, on time and on budget. Our fully integrated sandblasting and painting facility allows us to apply a wide variety of industrial coating systems, ensuring better protection against environmental or process conditions.

When you work with us, your project is well managed, and your satisfaction is our priority. Our experienced shop team of journeyman fabricators, machinists, and CWB welders oversee your project. Our QA/QC team ensures quality and turnover documentation exceeds your expectations. And our Project Managers ensure everything is on track and delivery timelines are met while keeping you up to date on the progress of their project through regular communications. Our process is thorough, and our team is committed to delivering the results you need to be successful.

If you want to work with the best structural team in the industry, contact us.