Reliable and innovative providers of fabrication and machining services across industries.

We are proud to provide fabrication and machining services to the oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, chemical, refining, hydro, and LNG industries.

While these industries often require specialized services, our customers know they can count on Northern Steel to produce quality results that meet their specific requirements.

Our team has the experience and drive to deliver innovative, proven results on every project, regardless of the industry they serve. They are dedicated to building on our reputation as the provider of choice for fabrication and machining services in Canada and worldwide.

From day one on a project, we establish collaborative processes that keep our customers involved and informed at each project step. We also look for innovative and cost-effective solutions to improve project efficiency and delivery times. If there is a way to improve the project process, the Northern Steel team will find it and use it to your benefit.

Over the years, we have worked with all kinds of customers, from prominent national and international players to small mom-and-pop shops looking for unique builds. Regardless of origin, our focus has always been on successfully delivering end results that set our customers up for success.

Whether we’re designing and engineering from scratch, rebuilding an existing piece of equipment, taking on a module or a large original project, our focus is always on creating an exceptional project experience for our customers.

We’re proud of our team and the portfolio of industries and projects we have completed. We’re looking forward to a bright future.

If you want to know how we can work with you and your industry, contact us.